Academic Awards

  • 2019.11: 《Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument》Outstanding Paper Award
    Yu Ningbo*, Li Siyi, Zhao Yingquan, Wang Kui, Xu Chang
    “Design And Implementation of A Dexterous Human-Robot Interaction System Based on Haptic Shared Control”
  • 2017.01: 《CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems》Outstanding Paper Award
    Bowen Shen, Ningbo Yu*, Jingtai Liu
    “Intelligent Scheduling and Path Planning of Warehouse Mobile Robots”
  • 2016.08: Best Advanced Robotics Paper Finalist, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics
    Zhuo Yang, Yubo Sun, Yue Hao, Ningbo Yu*
    “Active Mass-Offloading with Cable-Driven SEA for Tailored Support to Lower Limb Rehabilitation”
  • 2015.06: Best Conference Paper Award Finalist, IEEE International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems
    Ningbo Yu*, Kui Wang, Yuan Li, Chang Xu, Jingtai Liu
    “A Haptic Shared Control Approach to Teleoperation of Mobile Robots”
  • 2015.06: Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Nankai University
    Wulin Zou (Supervisor: Ningbo Yu)
    “Design and Modelling of a Cable-based Series Elastic Actuation Method”