Lu Liu

Lu Liu

Lu Liu

Bachelor candidate

Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics Laboratory
Institute of Robotics and Automatic Information Systems
Tianjin Key Laboratory of Intelligent Robotics
Nankai University, China

Brief Biography

Ms. Lu Liu has been studying in College of Computer and Control Engineering, Nankai University, majoring in Automation since September, 2014.

Research Experience

  1. Ms. Lu Liu mainly does research relating to the human upper-limb model. Currently, she has carried out the task of constructing a platform of human upper-limb model based on Unity3D, and conducted a series of successful experiments relevant to the project.
  2. Ms. Lu Liu has participated in the project “Target Identification and Autonomous Tracking for Vision-based Four-rotor Aerial Vehicles” in 2-year National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship since March, 2016.

Scholarships & Awards

  1. 2015.10: Merit Student Award of Nankai University
  2. 2015.10: “Gong Neng” Scholarship of Nankai University
  3. 2014.10: Champion in Debating Contest of College of Computer and Control Engineering


  1. N. Yu, S. Li, K. Wang, C. Xu and L. Liu. “Online Assessment of Rehabilitation Training with ****”. Under second-round review (in Chinese)